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MaryAnn Genovese
Managing Partner
Edgecumbe Group
P.O. Box 651
West Long Branch, NJ 07764
Phone: 732-963-9565
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Company Profile
Edgecumbe Group is a company that provides quality, comprehensive insurance to our contractors (including active and obtaining security clearance). We provide our passive candidates with anonymity, guidance, and representation of quality companies. We provide our clients with a qualified and engaged candidates vetted in compliance with local, state and Federal laws. Partner with us and engineer your future.
Area(s) of Specialization
Sectors: BlockChain (Disrupt an industry, provide a solution, monetize said solution) CyberRisk (Threat Intelligence Roles to CISO) Engineering (Shop floor to the BoardRoom door) Finance (Assistant Controller to CFO) Legal (InHouse Counsel and Compliance) StartUps (Series A - IPO)

Type: Direct Hire and Contract (Security Clearance and obtaining) Industries: Aerospace (Tier I & II), Construction (Horizontal/Vertical & Infrastructure), Manufacturing (Consumer Products, F&F, Medical, OEM), Oil & Gas, Power plant, et al

Locations NY, NJ, PA, DC, MD, VA, AZ, UT, CA, WA, and OR Mass, DE, NC, SC, MN, WI, ND, GA, TOLA Specialty Areas: "Needle in the haystack"